WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin® conquered both sports-entertainment and Hollywood, and now the “Texas Wrattlesnake is laying the snack down on the food and beverage industry with his new franchise, Steve’s Cold Stone Creamery®.

“I scream, you scream, we all scream ‘WHAT?!’ Ice cream,” said Austin during the grand opening of the first Steve’s Stone Cold Creamery in beautiful downtown Los Ang-gell-eeze, California.

“WHAT?!” barked Austin, while folding handfuls of gummi bears, marshmallows and Bud Lite into scoops of Sexual Chocolate® and Vanilla Midget®. “Lots of mix-ins. WHAT?! Made to tickle your sweet tooth! WHAT?”

Austin, who skyrocketed to fame as The Ringmaster, later maintained a modicum of success after being re-branded as a beer-swilling, blue-collar redneck with a secret love of delicious, full-dairy ice cream.

“If you want me to throw in some blue-raspberry Nerds, give me a heck yeah!” said Austin, smiling on the outside but with a profound, unspoken resignation in his eyes.


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