aron rex miz
Aron Rex (left… or wait… is he on the right?) is joined by Mizron Rexdow (left or right) at the Impact Zone.

Just days after making his incendiary debut on Impact Wrestling, Aron Rex announced today that the majority of his matches will be actually performed by his stunt double, Mizron Rexdow.

A source within TNA (who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be named only as “Dixie C.”) said the stunt double will be portrayed by Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

Mizanin was reportedly granted his release from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) yesterday, because he believes the true path to becoming a Hollywood A-lister is via TNA stardom.

Rexdow is expected to mimic Rex’s every move and mannerism while TNA commentators emphatically exclaim they’ve “never seen anything like it.”