Kenny O’MAGA has already sparked controversy with the phrase “Hadoken them by the p***y.”

Kenny Omega, a professional wrestler best known for his role as a performer and executive with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), made a so-called “heel turn” today when he rebranded himself as a Trump devotee named Kenny O’MAGA.

Clad in a red “Make America Great Again” ballcap and a stars-and-stripes singlet bearing the words “BIGLY YUGE” on the posterior, O’MAGA held a vitriolic, rambling press conference in which he vowed to rid AEW of “leftie libtard socialist America-hating commies.”

The drastic re-branding surprised wrestling fans and pundits alike, particularly because O’MAGA (real name Kenneth Omaha) was born in Canada, and returns regularly to Winnipeg for his biweekly perm.

The new gimmick has sparked criticisms that AEW is already relying on “cheap heat” gimmicks to garner media attention, particularly after O’MAGA told fellow AEW executive to “go back to the Fifth Dimension” if he doesn’t like America.

O’MAGA has challenged Pentagón Jr. to a steel cage match, though some experts suspect O’MAGA just plans to lock the luchador in the cage and leave him there without amenities.

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