You may know Vince McMahon for portraying a brash billionaire and authority figure on World Wrestling Entertainment programming — but did you know that he actually owns WWE? 

That’s right, the “Mr. McMahon” character is actually based on McMahon’s real-life, behind-the-scenes job as WWE’s owner!

He has been pulling the strings behind the curtain all along, and we managed to track down some photographs that show “Mr. McMahon” in ways you’ve never seen him before!

1. Getting his head shaved by… President Trump!?

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s WWE Hall of Famer and US President Donald JimmyJam Trump shaving Vince McMahon’s head, with a helping hand from Titus O’Neil (right). President Trump has correctly said this this happened “in front of the largest audience in the history of anything.”


2. Family portrait!

Here’s Vince, showing off his bicep implants, with daughter Stephanie and son Shane!

mcmahon family


3. Wiping tears after Brent Hart’s shocking loss in Montreal

Vince was overcome with emotion — so much so that some tears ended up in his hair — after Brent Hart lost fair-and-square to Sean “Heartbreaker” McMichael in Montreal — an upset known in wrestling lore as The Montreal Screwup.

mcmahon spit


4. A rare “chute interview”

Sporting a fresh black eye after losing the “Brawl 4 All” final to Butterball, Vince famously said in this interview that “Brad Screwed Brad” (referring to the breakup of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston).


5. Launching the XFL

Most fans of sports-entertainment don’t know this, but Vince McMahon’s greatest success has come from his other career as a football promoter. His XFL (the X stands for xylophone, his favorite instrument) became the world’s pre-eminent football league, and McMahon sold the company for 73 billion dollars.

xfl vince


6. Last man standing — on purpose!

In the ultimate demonstration of disrespect, Vince McMahon refused to stand in acknowledgement of Mason Ryan (arms raised). Another wrestler (far right, identity unknown) can’t believe it!


7. Hospital volunteer

Despite his busy schedule, Vince McMahon gives his spare time to Stamford Community Hospital, where he helps orderlies and nurses learn the finer points of healthcare. In this photo, he helps a nurse learn how not to use a bedpan.


8. With Captain America

One of Vince McMahon’s most memorable feuds in WWF was with Captain America, who was actually a masked Dan Spivey. Captain America went on to become


9. Getting shot by The Ringmaster

In one of the most infamous moments from the so-called Altitude Era, Vince McMahon was shot in the head by Ted Dibiase’s protege The Ringmaster, who quickly faded from obscurity despite this noteworthy moment. Don’t worry: McMahon survived the gunshot (but was later killed in a tragic limousine explosion.



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