Royal rumble 2014-winner
Because many of his colleagues are stranded by bad weather, Hunico will portray them in the Royal Rumble.

Professional wrestler Hunico will demonstrate his versatility and endurance tonight when he portrays nearly two-dozen entrants in World Wrestling Entertainment’s popular Royal Rumble match.

Due to inclement weather conditions in the American northeast, many scheduled performers for the Royal Rumble match have been stranded and forced to cancel their travel plans.

Hunico, who already happened to be in the Pittsburgh area to portray Jack Swagger at a nearby autograph signing, will be forced to battle and eliminate himself in vast variety of guises.

As of press time, Hunico is scheduled to portray Sin Cara, Brad Maddox, Camacho, Rey Mysterio, Darren Young, Big E Langston, Dean Ambrose, The Great Khali,  Kevin Nash, Jack Swagger, Carlito, both of Los Matadores, Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Seth Rollins, Batista, Tensai, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Ricardo Rodriguez, Jinder Mahal, and himself.

Backstage sources report there is some confusion as to how Hunico will throw himself over the top rope on numerous occasions.

Regardless, it is widely believed that Hunico will win the match while portraying Batista.

Although this will earn him a title shot at WrestleMania, he might instead choose to face The Undertaker, who will also be portrayed by Hunico.