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Upon deeper reflection, Rollins heeds doctor’s advice and withdraws from WrestleMania

seth rollinsProfessional wrestler and architect Seth Rollins announced this morning that he will forfeit his WrestleMania match against Triple H, having been warned repeatedly by his doctor that wrestling “could really hurt.”

“Better safe than sorry, you know?” said Rollins this morning at a press conference in Orlando.

“My knee is kind of achy already today, and I don’t want to make it worse. I’ve got my long-term health to think about.” 

Rollins had initially signed on for an “unsanctioned” match, in which WWE would not be held culpable for any injury to Rollins’ already-damaged knee, but after reflecting for a few days, Rollins decided that would be unwise. 

“Why rush it?” said Rollins. “I can’t even remember why Hunter (Hearst Helmsley) and I are mad at each other, to be honest.”

Rollins apologized to fans who had been hoping to watch the match, but added: “I wouldn’t have been 100 percent, so I was worried I would let you down. Your patience as a I recuperate further is very appreciated.”

Rollins’ scheduled opponent concurred with his decision: “I’d feel awful if Seth got hurt,” said Helmsley. 

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