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On this day in WWE history: absolutely nothing happened

Benoit anniversary

Nothing to see here. Just some random photo. Ignore it, please and thank you.

On this day in WWE history, June 24, nothing whatsoever occurred, so let’s stop asking questions and just move on, shall we?

This day is certainly not the anniversary of any significant event related to professional wrestling, nor anything that made headlines around the world in the days and weeks that followed.

Nothing associated with this date sparked widespread concern about the use of drugs in the wrestling industry, nor the dangers of undiagnosed concussions from, say, flying headbutts.

This date is definitely not linked to anything shocking or tragic, and no mentally disturbed WWE superstar committed any kind of atrocious domestic crime exactly seven years ago.

If anything significant did happen on this date in 2007, it certainly had nothing to do with WWE, its subsidiary ventures, its sponsors, advertisers or talent.

In fact, WWE denies that the date June 24, 2007 — and any WWE performer somehow associated with it — ever existed.

In other news, John Cena grants a whole lot of Make-A-Wish requests. Let’s talk about that, OK?

– Press release courtesy of WWE’s Office of Damage Control –

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