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Nikki Bella’s hunky boyfriend from Total Divas to appear on Raw

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Wrestling fans are giddy to see more of “John,” Nikki’s mysterious but macho beau from Total Divas. 

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are in for a treat tonight, since Nikki Bella’s dreamy boyfriend — a mystery man known only as John — is scheduled to make his Raw debut.

Little is known about the burly beefcake, except that he seems to be wealthy, drop-dead gorgeous, and he apparently loves taking Nikki shoe shopping.

Many fans are speculating as to whether John is appearing on Raw to finally “pop the question” to Nikki, who frequently brings up marriage on Total Divas, the critically acclaimed docudrama that chronicles the real lives of WWE Divas Superstars.

Wrestling fans are unanimously hoping to see Nikki and John tie the knot with an in-ring wedding, since those are always beautiful occasions that unfold perfectly as planned.

According to one rumor, John is training to become a professional wrestler himself, but has so far learned only five moves.


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