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Goatface to battle Aardvarknose

Goatface (left) confronts the evil corporate Aardvarknose.

Goatface (left) confronts the evil corporate Aardvarknose.

Fans of professional wrestling will get their money’s worth at WrestleMania this Sunday during the much-hyped showdown between Goatface and Aardvarknose.

Goatface, a scruffy underdog whose career has been chronically sabotaged by the conniving corporate Aardvarknose, vows to win via submission with a step-over nosehold.

If Goatface manages to defeat Aaardvarknose during the WrestleMania undercard, he will earn the opportunity to square off in a triple-threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Tortoisewalk and Slothcharisma.

Then, if Goatface wins the championship, a resounding chorus of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” will surely erupt from the 75,000 Hippobellies and Horseteeth in attendance.


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