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Global silicone shortage linked to WWE Divas division

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Kaitlyn is one of many WWE Divas responsible for the global silicone shortage.

According to a study conducted by the World Council for Synthetic Polymers, a global shortage in silicone has been directly linked to the female division of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Silicone supplies have diminished by nearly 94 percent since the mid-1990s — a phenomenon that perplexed industry insiders until a recent study showed much-higher-than-normal silicone usage among WWE Divas.

Although the inorganic polymer is used in the manufacturing of countless products — cookware, electronics other consumer goods — the vast majority of the world’s silicone supply is currently squished inside the chests of female WWE wrestlers.

Global silicone supplies began diminishing with the arrival of Sable and Sunny in WWE during the 1990s, and plummeted as the Divas division gained momentum.

Trish Stratus and Lita were caught for using performance enhancing jugs, and most recently the Bella Twins acquired four large sacs of silicone, thus worsening the worldwide shortage.

“If WWE continues hiring artificially buxom bimbos, the world’s silicone supplies will be completely gone by the year 2016,” reports a study commissioned by one prominent silicone manufacturer.

“In other words, if AJ Lee gets a boob job, that’ll be the end of silicone forever.”

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