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Batista calls in sick; Hunico to fill in

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Due to illness, the part of Batista will be played tonight by Hunico.

Batista has been forced to cancel his much-hyped return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after coming down with the flu, but has recruited versatile Mexican superstar Hunico to fill in for him.

“Regretfully, I can’t make it to Raw tonight,” Batista tweeted earlier today. “Major sniffles. But enjoy my understudy. He’s quite good.”

Hunico has proven to be a valuable asset to WWE in recent months, first filling in for accident-prone luchador Sin Cara, and then agreeing to portray the popular Undertaker character at WrestleMania.

Hunico is also expected to portray at least a dozen participants in the upcoming Royal Rumble event.

In a press release issued today, WWE apologized for Batista’s inability to appear after weeks of promotional vignettes.

“It is unfortunate,” said the press release, “but you probably won’t even notice the difference.”


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