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Is Baron Corbin the next Stone Cold Steve Austin? Corbin’s mom says yes!

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Baron Corbin (left) is going to be a household name within a year, his mother insists.

Despite some recent setbacks, including his failure to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract, Baron Corbin is on a trajectory to be the next breakout mega-star of pro wrestling, insists his mother Gladys Corbin. 

“My little Bar-bear — that’s what I’ve called him ever since he was a baby — he’s going to be the next Stone Cold, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonville (sic),” said the Corbin matriarch. 

“If you ask me — and all the ladies in my bridge club will agree — my son is the strongest, handsomest and most charismatic wrestler alive today.”

Gladys Corbin has been an unwavering booster of her son, whether in his football career, his lesser-known tenure with the Moscow Ballet, his unsuccessful Rogaine treatments, or his journey to, as she puts it, “become the best wrestler since Hitman Burt (sic) Hart.”

Mrs. Corbin calls Baron “her little miracle,” because doctors insisted she would never be able to conceive a child, leading her to mistakenly believe she was a barren Corbin. 





















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