WWE hall of fame best speeches
One month after the glitzy WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, honoree Larry Zbyszko is still struggling to wrap up his speech in a meaningful way.

Sources close to retired professional wrestler Larry Zbyszko confirmed today that the so-called Living Legend is still, one month after beginning it, struggling to wrap up his meandering WWE Hall of Fame induction speech.

“And Bruno (Sammartino), God bless him, he was there behind a hedge, and I saw him, and it was… wow, wrestling, right?” Zbyszko said this morning, still wandering aimlessly backstage at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA.

“I mean, it’s just, you know — and Bruno! Boy, oh boy, I should have written something down [nervous laughter].”

Though never at a loss for words during his stellar career as a wrestler and color commentator, Zbyszko seemed uncharacteristically overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Hall of Fame ceremony — especially having been upstaged by, of all people, Madusa.

His acceptance speech seemed at times circuitous and rambling, eventually clocking in at 184 minutes — still shorter than the majority of WWE Hall of Fame speeches — before he was escorted offstage, where he has been struggling to wrap it up ever since.

“Golly, I mean, just, holy smokes, you know?” he said to no one in particular. “And Bruno — wow.”

Though reportedly embarrassed about his inability to end the speech, Zbyszko is nonetheless overjoyed that WWE managed to spell his name correctly during the ceremony — a feat even Zbyszko himself has never mastered.