Ziggler selling
Dolph Ziggler traversed the Canadian arctic and used his superior selling skills to sell ice cubes to a group of eskimos.

Proving once again that he can expertly sell anything, professional wrestler Dolph Ziggler sold a dozen trays of ice cubes to an Eskimo family in northern Canada this week.

Ziggler sold so expertly and convincingly, it never occurred to the Eskimos that more ice is the last thing on earth they actually need.

There was just something about Ziggler’s selling that the Eskimos found compelling and captivating, making them momentarily suspend their disbelief about their need for ice.

“It seems to come naturally to him,” said Eskimo elder Kalitt Angakkorsuaq.

“Perhaps his selling technique was a bit over-the-top — borderline silly — but we still really enjoyed the product.”

In related news, Ziggler recently sold a comb to a bald man.