Andre-the-giant battle royal
An image from deep within Zack Ryder’s subconscious brain.

Professional wrestler Zack Ryder is currently booked to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WWE WrestleMania, according to a recent dream of Ryder’s.

Ryder, a perpetual underdog and occasional darling of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community, is currently scheduled to outlast 29 other competitors by finally hurling The Big Show over the top rope, according to the nighttime fantasy of Ryder’s unconscious mind.

In the dream, Ryder struts to the ring amid a deafening ovation, pryotechnics exploding overhead, while fellow wrestlers tremble in fear at the mere sight of him.

Ryder then fights his way though a gauntlet of opponents, narrowly escaping elimination on several occasions and hurling one foe after another over the top rope.

In the fantasy, Ryder draws upon his past success in battle royal matches — which, to be fair, is not too shabby — to be the last man standing.

Although the dream seemed realistic and plausible to Ryder as it was unfolding, certain details — like the presence of Andre the Giant himself in the match, and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary — did strike Ryder’s subconscious mind as a tad strange.