Hell in a cell hologram
Bray Wyatt’s hologram (left) made short work of Zack Ryder, despite being made of incorporeal ether.

Professional wrestler Zack Ryder, a perennial WWE underdog who seems incapable of catching a lucky break, today lost a non-televised “dark match” to Bray Wyatt’s mysterious holographic apparition.

The hologram, which made its WWE debut on last night’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event, handily trounced Ryder today in a one-sided, three-minute “squash” match, despite being an incorporeal optical phenomenon with no actual solid form.


The hologram’s victory is being heralded as a first in pro wrestling, if one excludes the time that God, appearing as a circle of bright light, tagged with Shawn Michaels to face Vince and Shane McMahon.

Sources within WWE say the hologram will continue to compete in dark matches for the foreseeable future, mainly because it is rendered invisible under the bright lights required for television broadcast.

Little is known about the hologram’s background, aside from that it emerged from Bray Wyatt’s lantern, speaks backwards Latin, and refused to work for TNA.

Ryder, meanwhile, is trying to maintain a positive outlook for his upcoming match against a light westerly breeze.