wwe network
The XFL Network is faring slightly worse than the XFL itself.

Lightning has failed to strike twice for professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon, as the early success experienced by his company’s WWE Network is not being duplicated by the fledgling XFL Network.

The 24/7 video streaming service devoted to the defunct XFL football league has seen only a trickle of subscriptions so far (most based in Stamford, CT), despite the affordable price point of 99 cents for a lifetime subscription.

Despite McMahon’s insistence that the XFL network would “revolutionize the way the XFL Universe connects with their favorite sporting extravaganza,” it seems McMahon has once again misjudged the public appetite for an alternative to the NFL.

The XFL Network features on-demand access to every game played during the XFL’s first and only season in 2001, as well as new specialty programming including:

  • Legends Apartment, a reality show in which 10 former players share a one-bedroom apartment because it’s all they can afford
  • Cheerleader Cougars, which depicts the former beauties of the XFL sidelines desperately seeking affirmation and companionship in the arms of younger men
  • XFL Conspiracy Theory, in which former XFL commentator Jesse Ventura explores how the league’s failure was orchestrated by¬†shady government organizations and the Illuminati

McMahon is reportedly hoping for better success with his new golf league, the XGL.