xavier woods Popular tag trio The New Day will soon become a two-man team when Xavier Woods quits professional wrestling to become a full-time jazz trombonist. 

“I think I’m ready,” Woods said in an emotional message on YouTube, clutching his trusty trombone, Francesca 2. “It’s time for me to record an album, go on tour, and be a real tromboner.”

In the video, teammates Kofi Kingston and Big E are can be seen struggling to stifle laughter upon hearing the word “tromboner.”

Woods has been honing his musical craft in WWE for more than a year, honking out a syncopated series of three notes, playing a comical “oooooOOOOP” when his partners perform a slingshot attack. 

Woods has reportedly already begun recording his debut album, Tootie-Ohs, which is tentatively scheduled to include tracks such as:

  • Honk, HonkHonk
  • oooooOOOOP
  • Spit Valve Release
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Tableaux Opus #39 No.3

Sources who have heard the initial recordings are divided in their opinions, with some reporting that it “rocks,” while others insisting that it “sucks.”