Bray Wyatt lamp
Bray Wyatt and his family are delighted with their new flashlight.

Now that Bray Wyatt is earning a decent salary in World Wrestling Entertainment, he has finally discarded his old oil lamp in favor of a much more useful flashlight.

“Oh man, that is so much better,” said Wyatt while illuminating the way toward a WWE ring in a darkened arena with heavy-duty incandescent-bulb MagLite-brand flashlight.

For months, Wyatt has been using a match-lit oil lamp (or, sometimes, a dim electric replica) to guide himself and his two disciples to the ring.

After countless stubbed toes, however, Wyatt finally decided to spend 50 bucks on a high-powered flashlight.

He reportedly now spends hours and hours backstage, clicking the light on and off, giddily repeating the phrase “We’re here.”

Wyatt has told friends that the flashlight is extremely useful for nighttime buzzard-following.


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