Wyatt Family walmart
Nobody batted an eyelash at the bizarre Wyatt Family during a recent jaunt to Walmart.

Although their grizzly appearances and maniacal demeanors make them stand out among the general populace, the  Wyatt Family blended in perfectly when shopping today at a local Walmart.

Wyatt had whispered “We’re here” when the trio walked in to the store, and was surprised when an elderly woman in a blue apron cheerily replied “Welcome to Walmart!”

Amid the racks of eight-dollar Hawaiian shirts and white polyester slacks, Bray Wyatt went utterly unnoticed when shopping for additions to his trademark wardrobe.

Employees and customers were unfazed by Erick Rowan’s ubiquitous sheep mask (several actual sheep were grazing in the produce aisle), and no one seemed bothered by Luke Harper’s growl of “Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah.”

The members of the Wyatt family looked entirely normal in the setting, especially when browsing aisle after aisle of kitschy Duck Dynasty merchandise.

The Wyatt Family made some quick purchases and hastily left the Walmart, later admitting that they were “weirded out by all the hairy inbred hillbillies in there.”