The WWE Women’s Division has made big strides in recent years thanks to the athletic prowess of its talented roster, and no thanks whatsoever to the roomful of undersexed manchildren who clearly write their embarassingly shallow scripts. 

At least one member of the WWE Creative fraternity — and likely more than one — clearly has a bizarre “crybaby” fetish, given such recent scenes as:

  • Sonya Deville calling Naomi a “crybaby,” then later calling Bianca Belair a “crybaby.” Then asking both if they were “going to cry.”
  • Becky Lynch repeatedly calling Liv Morgan “Crybaby Liv,” taunting her with “Are ya gonna cry, Baby Liv?” Then Becky moved on to asking Doudrop if she was going to cry, calling her a “crybaby.”
  • Carmella and Queen Zelina taunting their opponents with “Are you gonna cry?”
  • Nikki A.S.H. asking Rhea Ripley if she was “going to cry” after she turned on her. 
  • Charlotte Flair asking Ronda Rousey (while making wah-wah hand gestures): “Are you gonna cry, Ronda?”
  • Asuka recently calling Becky Lynch a “crybaby,” vowing to “give Becky something to cry about.” 

WWE’s Creative Team —  Tom, Scott, Reginald, Colin, and Marshall — were unavailable for comment, especially after three of them started crying. 

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