Bullying WWE
"Follow the B.A. Star campaign, you scrawny little dorks, or I'll hunt you down," Sheamus tells a group of schoolchildren.

In an effort to recruit more children into the “B.A. Star” anti-bullying campaign, World Wrestling Entertainment has resorted to name-calling, physical intimidation and the threat of humiliation.

“If you don’t participate in the B.A. Star program, you’re a total loser,” said John Cena during a public service announcement that aired during Monday Night Raw this week. “Don’t be total gaylord — B.A Star.”

The 30-second advertisement for the campaign featured several WWE superstars and divas, who used their own popularity, good looks and intimidating physiques to goad children into following the B.A. Star program.”

“Only a flat-chested ugly fat cow with no friends wouldn’t want to be part of B.A. Star,” said WWE diva Layla.

Sheamus urged children to follow the B.A. Star campaign on Facebook or Twitter, “unless you want me to knock your teeth out, you ugly little fellas.”

The B.A. Star program saw an immediate boost in popularity.