Royal rumble chants
Thousands of wrestling fans are demanding better treatment from their corporate overlord.

Frustrated fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, branded collectively as the WWE Universe, have walked out on strike against the company, citing repeated abuse, chronic corruption in upper management, and generally shoddy booking.

Millions of WWE fans worldwide took to the streets Sunday night, waving placards and shouting anti-WWE slogans, after the company’s Royal Rumble event pushed the fans past their collective breaking point.

A sea of picketers assembled outside WWE’s Connecticut headquarters, hollering phrases like: “Down with the McMahonopoly,” “No More Boo-tista” and “Justice for Daniel.”

Although there has been simmering discontent among members of the WWE Universe for months, they erupted into public protest after WWE failed to deliver the hoped-for outcomes at the Royal Rumble.

Fans formed a rudimentary union, and issued a 75-page manifesto outlining their many grievances, including:

  • Daniel Bryan’s exclusion from the Royal Rumble
  • Being subjected to the 253rd rematch between John Cena and Randy Orton
  • Daniel Bryan’s exclusion from the championship picture
  • Batista winning the Royal Rumble after a four-year holiday
  • Daniel Bryan’s exclusion from any given moment of WWE programming

Members of the WWE Universe insist they will not watch WWE programming again until their grievances are addressed.

It is more likely, however, that they will continue watching as usual but complain extra-loud about it.


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