WWE troops
The logo for Tribute to the Troops seems to show a pro-American bias.

World Wrestling Entertainment is once again at the center of controversy amid criticisms that its annual “Tribute to the Troops” show has a strong pro-American bias.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has filed a grievance against the company, stating that the “lopsided and non-objective” program is does not convey an accurate picture of geopolitical military issues.

“Considering that WWE purports to be an international company — the first “W” stands for “World,” after all — we find this skewed picture of military service dishonest and disturbing,” says an FCC document.

Every December since 2003, WWE has hosted the Tribute to the Troops event, ostensibly as a way to entertain and thank the men and women who sign up for military service.

But the program is being criticized for focusing almost entirely on American soldiers, despite being broadcast in 120 countries around the world — including many where the U.S. military is ostensibly the enemy.

The FCC intends to ban the chanting of “USA! USA!” at such events, to be replaced by a more politically correct chant: “Country! Country!”