New Cena shirt
Two of the new shirts WWE plans to market to the indifferent-to-Cena demographic.

Hoping to capitalize on every possible merchandising opportunity, World Wrestling Entertainment will soon release a line of t-shirts aimed at the minority of fans who are completely indifferent to John Cena.

Sales of pro-Cena merchandise — and vehemently anti-Cena swag — have been booming in recent months, inspiring WWE to create a line of products aimed at the wishy-washy, dispassionate fan.

“We want all members of the WWE Universe to express their opinions, or lack of opinions, through our merchandise,” said a press release. “That’s why WWE is creating a line of shirts for middling, indecisive fans.”

The first t-shirt in the series, due to be available next week, is emblazoned with the phrase “Cena…Meh.”

A pair of new shirt designs are expected next month: one bearing the phrase “Rise Above Hype,” and the other reading “Hassle, Disloyalty, Neglect.”

WWE is also planning a new Daniel Bryan t-shirt aimed at neutral and aloof fans, which will read “MAYBE! MAYBE! MAYBE!”