As part of its ongoing efforts to coerce fans into loving professional sports-entertainer Roman Reigns, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is reportedly planning to cue live audiences with brightly lit signs instructing them how to react.

The neon signs, suspended above the ring, are expected to prevent fans from booing Reigns even though he is, according to WWE’s website, “the greatest sports entertainer in the history of ever.”

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The company is expected to deploy a number of different signs to encourage audiences to react appropriately in a variety of contexts while Reigns is in the ring:

  • “APPLAUSE” sign, to be lit for the duration of Reigns’ in-ring presence
  • “OOOH, AHHH” sign, to be lit when Reigns cocks his forearm like a shotgun
  • “BOOO” sign, to be lit whenever Reigns’ opponent has the upper hand
  • “LET’S GO ROMAN” sign, to encourage audience chanting when Reigns needs moral support
  • “THIS IS AWESOME” sign, to be lit sporadically several times during all of Reigns’ matches

The company reportedly hopes that, through a kind of repetitive Pavlovian conditioning, fans will grow to unanimously, authentically love Reigns by mid-2019.



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