Sports-entertainment corporation WWE has taken another progressive step in its march toward full equality and inclusiveness by adopting the usage of Jinder-neutral pronouns.

Starting immediately, professional wrestler Jinder Mahal will no longer be described with the exclusionary pronouns “he” or “him” — nor will Mahal be described as “she/her,” “they/them,” “it,” or even “Jinder.”

The company plans to go “fully Jinder-neutral in all its nomenclature,” according to a press release issued this morning from the company’s Connecticut headquarters, which means the following changes will take effect immediately:

  • Mahal will be described as “that” or, in special circumstances, “Mumbai Muscles”
  • Sheamus and Heath Slater will no longer be described by Ginger-specific pronouns
  • If a ginger injures Jinder, commentators will refrain from speaking all together

Among the other offensive words and phrases that will be replaced with more inclusive terminology: Mankind will be renamed Kind Person, members of the McMahon family will be referred to as McPeople, and all footage of the Attitude Era will be deleted entirely.

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