Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Goldberg are among the Superstars to be featured in the new #ALLWWE campaign.

Things are heating up in the world of professional wrestling, with upstart promotion All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) recruiting numerous top WWE talent, and WWE retaliating with a marketing counter-strike under the banner #ALLWWE.

WWE has released a series of stark images on social media, depicting a longtime WWE Superstar on a black background, with accompanying wording expressing that the superstar is #ALLWWE — for example, “Baron Corbin is #ALLWWE,” and “Goldberg is #ALLWWE.”

The campaign seems to a direct rebuttal to the promotional materials AEW has been using to announce new recruitments, such as “Adam Cole is All-Elite,” “Malarkey Black is All-Elite,” and “Brian Dragonson is All-Elite.”

WWE mogol Vince McMahon dismissed all comparisons to AEW’s branding style, insisting that “Quite frankly, WWE’s new hashtag-ALLWWE campaign is brilliant and completely original, quite frankly.”

The #ALLWWE campaign will showcase many of your favourite WWE lifers, from Randy Orton and Stephanie McMahon to R-Truth and John Laurinaitus. 

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