Xing-Pi (left) and Lingling pose for photographers to hype their forthcoming WrestleMania match.

Apparently still embittered over losing the rights to the “WWF” name in a legal dispute with the World Wildlife Fund, Vince McMahon has announced that WrestleMania 28 will feature a match pitting two pandas against one another.

“It’s going to be an epic showdown,” McMahon said of the match, in which a pair of giant Chinese pandas — Xing-Pi of the Shanghai Zoo and Lingling of the San Francisco Zoo — will square off inside a steel cage.

“The steel cage will ensure there will be no outside interference, and that one panda will be declared the undisputed victor,” said McMahon. “Also, the cage will protect our fans from being mauled.”

A representative from the World Wildlife Fund called the upcoming match “an appalling abomination” and asserted that McMahon is “clearly a madman.”

McMahon and the conservation fund fought a bitter legal battle over the “WWF” abbreviation for more than seven years, until an English court ruled in favour of the World Wildlife Fund in 2001.

Sources close to McMahon say he has always resented having to change the name of his organization, not to mention blur out all the instances of the WWF logo in the company’s video archive.

McMahon, however, insists that the panda-versus-panda is “exactly the kind of exciting sports entertainment our fans have come to love and expect.”

A number of wrestling analysts expect Xing-Pi — the larger and more aggressive of the pandas — to win the match, and likely go on to work a post-WrestleMania program with Daniel Bryan.