Russian legsweep
This form of legsweep is now shunned by the international community.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has joined the international community in imposing sanctions and penalties on Russia for its war on Ukraine by banning Russia’s national legsweep. 

The maneuver — in which one wrestler wraps his or her arm around their opponent’s neck, a leg around the opponent’s leg, and then hurls them backwards to the floor — is seen by some as a symbol of Russia’s “sweeping” into neighbouring Ukraine. 

Both the Russian legsweep and the side-Russian legsweep “no longer have any place in sports entertainment,” reads a press release issued by the company this morning. Variations such as the front-Russian-legsweep and three-quarter-Russian-legsweep will be renamed “the sweep” and “el sweepo,” respectively. 

This is not the first time WWE has banned a controversial move amid sociopolitical challenges. During the so-called Troubles in Northern Ireland during the 1960s through 1990s, WWE banned the Irish Whip. 


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