Is this really The Miz, or an alleged stunt double who has learned to perfectly mimic him?

Controversy has once again rocked World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after inside sources alleged today that former World Heavyweight Champion The Miz has, for some time now, been utilizing a lookalike stunt double instead of performing his own stunts.

Although the allegations seem preposterous and unfounded, sources report that The Miz has stayed out of harm’s way while an imposter — a perfect doppelganger in every respect — has performed in his place.

Confidential documents leaked from WWE’s Connecticut headquarters do seem to indicate that a “D. Mizdow” was hired this past August, and was put on a travel schedule that syncs perfectly with The Miz’s itinerary.

Although neither wrestling fans nor commentators have noticed anything amiss, it is believed that this “D. Mizdow” has performed on behalf of The Miz, who wishes to avoid any facial injury that may derail his career as Hollywood’s most in-demand movie star.

If the rumors are true, it would mean that the mysterious stunt double has learned to perfectly mimic The Miz’s move-set and mannerisms, and has undergone extensive plastic surgery in order to attain a perfect resemblance.

One backstage source at WWE, who asked to be identified only as Zack R., claims that The Miz’s stunt double is none other than former wrestler Damian Sandow — but this is obviously false, given that Sandow has returned to his professorial duties at Harvard.

The allegations — much like earlier rumors that Bray Wyatt was once a relatively sane man known as Husky Harris — are almost certainly untrue.