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Sources within WWE reveal that Vince McMahon hopes David Arquette, the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, will bring much-needed starpower to WWE.

As part of Vince McMahon’s promise to “shake things up” in World Wrestling Entertainment, backstage sources reveal that McMahon and his trusted advisors are considering a scenario in which Hollywood actor and former WCW Champion David Arquette challenges and defeats Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

One inside source — who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be named only as M. Rotunda — said McMahon is “very impressed” with Arquette’s recent return to professional wrestling, and “sees big dollar signs” with a Lesnar-Arquette feud culminating in a title change at WrestleMania.

Lending credibility to the rumors of a championship run for Arquette is the revelation that WWE Studios has acquired the rights to make a long-awaited sequel to Ready to Rumble, the critically acclaimed  film noir for which Arquette won the 2001 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Arquette has neither confirmed nor denied reports that he has signed a 10-year, 13-million-dollar contract with WWE, although he has pulled out of independent wrestling bookings after January, leading to speculation that he will make his first appearance at the Royal Rumble.

Arquette’s tenure as WCW Champion is widely considered the pinnacle of the so-called Monday Night Wars, and was almost a death-blow to WWE, which was struggling to attract ratings with its own half-baked Arquette wannabe, Steve Austin.

If Arquette indeed vanquishes Lesnar for the Universal Championship, it is rumored that Lesnar will take a hiatus from WWE to pursue his other sport, figure skating.

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