wwe signs confiscate
Security guards are going to greater and greater lengths to make sure fans only express themselves in company-approved ways.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is once again clamping down on freedom of expression at its live events, as numerous fans have recently reported having their mouths confiscated by security.

One fan wrote in an online wrestling forum that security guards accosted him and several friends after they started a “We Want Rollins” chant during a Roman Reigns match at a recent event.

“They just came and took our mouths without warning,” wrote the fan, adding that he needed to have a new mouth surgically constructed after the event.

“We didn’t even get a chance to ironically chant the commentators’ names.”

WWE security guards are notorious for confiscating signs that do not represent the company or its storylines in a favorable light, but confiscating mouths is a drastic new step.

According to one source within WWE, the company may soon just replace fans altogether with lifelike androids that cheer for everything — an approach that has worked flawlessly on a smaller scale during NXT events at Florida’s Full Sail University.