Machine Gun Kelly (tattooed twig, left) performs at WrestleMania 28, setting the bar extremely low for terrible acts to follow.

Hoping to carry on its long tradition of showcasing awful musical acts at WrestleMania, WWE talent scouts have been scouring the globe looking for vapid, tone-deaf pop and hip-hop artists to perform at the next event in April.

“It will be tough to find an act worse than Machine Gun Kelly, but we’re trying” said WWE spokesperson Adam Carter.

“Flo Rida and Diddy were pretty terrible too, so we we’ll really have to outdo ourselves.”

The crapulence of WrestleMania music acts has been steadily worsening year after year — a tradition almost as sacred to the event as the Undertaker’s streak.

The tradition is thought to have its roots in the performance by Robert Goulet at WrestleMania IV, but many pundits say it didn’t really begin until Limp Bizkit played at WrestleMania XIX.

Things got worse when P.O.D. performed several years later, and truly hit an apex of awfulness with Machine Gun Kelly, whom nobody has heard from since.

Sources within WWE say the company is considering a double-bill of awfulness with Nickelback and Creed for WrestleMania 30.