Undercard madison square garden wwe
Might this match be preceded by a number of “undercard” bouts? No one knows for sure.

Unconfirmed reports emerging from sources within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) suggest that tonight’s much-hyped showdown between Brock Lesnar and The Big Show might be preceded by a number of so-called “undercard” matches.

Until now, it was widely assumed that tonight’s event at New York’s Madison Square Garden will feature a three-hour “Ironman” match between Lesnar and The Big Show, given how the event has been promoted.

But longtime wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, whose predictions have never been wrong before, writes that “some preliminary matches could be added to lighten the burden on the main-eventers.”

Social media is abuzz with speculation about the hypothetical undercard, as fans predict which other matches (or, hopefully, backstage skits featuring The Authority) could be added to the event.

The consensus seems to be that if there is an undercard — and that is still a big if — it will likely feature 25 minutes of a growling¬†Iron Mike Sharpe refusing to lock-up with Pedro Morales, as is the longtime standard for Madison Square Garden events.