An anonymous source within  World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reports that it may be “impossible” for the company’s “road crew” to fulfill WWE honcho Vince McMahon’s edict that the entire staging rig planned for WrestleMania 36 at a Florida stadium must now fit inside the company’s small training gym.

“These enormous artificial palm trees were built to obstruct the view of thousands of fans in a very large venue,” said the source, who asked to be identified only as A. “Scrap Daddy” P.

“The roadies are worried that Flo Rida’s pyro rig alone might need to be set up in the ladies’ room.”

McMahon was reportedly red-faced with rage during a backstage meeting, demanding that this year’s WrestleMania be as “over-the-top and grandiose as any other one.”

Early photos of the set under construction depict the set jutting from the roof of the Performance Centre, which is typically a halfway house and re-education centre for starry-eyed young gym rats whose parents envisioned an entirely different path for them.

Time will tell whether the full WrestleMania set will fit inside the gym, but one thing is for sure: this is going to be weird.


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