Triple H
Triple-H weilds a sledgehammer that was poorly hidden under the ring.

After many years of watching their sledgehammer get discovered under the ring and misused by Triple-H, the WWE ring crew have figured out that they should keep the sledgehammer somewhere else.

“Hey, what if we keep it backstage?” suggested 21-year-old Ryan Harkins, a member of the six-person team who assembles and disassembles the WWE ring at live events.

“Maybe then Triple-H wouldn’t find it and hit people with it.”

The rest of the ring crew nodded in approval of the idea, and several of them expressed their surprise that no one had thought of it sooner.

Harkins then fetched the sledgehammer from under the ring and stored it in a production truck, which immediately resulted in a 100 per cent decline in sledgehammer-related violence.

“Come to think of it,” Harkins then said, “we probably shouldn’t store all our ladders, tables, garbage cans and cookie sheets under the ring either.”