WWE merch
The newly released WWE t-shirt that is widely regarded as not ugly — a milestone for the company’s merchandising division.

Wrestling fans worldwide were shocked yesterday when WWE’s merchandising division released a t-shirt that isn’t hideously ugly.

The shirt, which is neither an appalling color nor emblazoned with cheesy images or catch-phrases, is the first piece of WWE merchandise ever deemed to be wearable in public by a sensible human being over the age of 12.

The simple gray tee bears a silver WWE logo on the chest beside the words “Then, Now, Forever,” written in a surprisingly non-obnoxious font.

“This is a true milestone for our organization,” WWE chairman Vince McMahon said in a press release.

“After years of producing t-shirts that would only be worn by small children and mentally deficient adults, we have decided to create a shirt that people will actually wear with pride outside of their homes.”

There was a brief period during the 1990s when it was considered socially acceptable to wear Austin 3:16 t-shirts, but that period ended after WWE produced shirts that seemed to bear the words FOCK FEAR.