summer emma
Emma (left, or perhaps right) was released from WWE, as well as the other Summer Rae (other one).

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) doled out more pink slips this week, parting ways with Emma and Summer Rae, thus overturning the widely held misconception that they are the same person.

“Wait a second,” tweeted veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, “they’e different people entirely? Well I’ll be damned.”

Neither Emma nor Summer Rae achieved main-event stardom on the WWE women’s roster, though one of them — we can’t recall which — claimed to have started WWE’s so-called “women’s revolution” (although, come to think of it, that might have been Dana Bliss or Eva McRedhead).

Fans lit up social media after WWE announced the dismissal, most of them just seeking clarification on which performer is which.

“So is Emmalina still on the roster?!” tweeted one fan. Another asked whether Summer Rae “the one who used to be called Kelly Kelly.”

WWE issued a brief press release about the dismissals this morning, stating that the company “wishes Emma Rae and Summerlina all the best on their future endeavors.”

Also released from a contract this week was SAnitY leader and former TNA champion “Showtime” Darren Young.