golden globes wwe
Hosts Amy Poehler and Tiny Fey completely failed to mention WWE at the Golden Globes yet again.

Despite being the longest-running weekly episodic program in television history (though never boasting about it), World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, once again failed to garner even a single nomination at the 72nd annual Golden Globes Awards yesterday.

At a glitzy red-carpet gala in Hollywood last night, Raw went completely unacknowledged for its Shakespearean storylines, its heart-wrenching performances by renowned thespians such as Mark Henry and Bray Wyatt, and its evocative portrayal of the human condition.

WWE’s “Growing Up Bella” segments, for example, did not even get a mention during the “Best Screenplay” segment, despite being more emotionally engaging than Boyhood and more cleverly scripted than Birdman.

The Lifetime Achievement award, meanwhile, went to the untalented George Clooney, rather than to Mark Calaway for his long and flawless portrayal of a supernatural mortician (and short stint as a biker).

The annual snubbing of WWE by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which determines Golden Globe winners, indicates a deep-rooted conspiracy, according to WWE Superstar R-Truth.

Despite the Golden Globes snub, WWE Studios is expected to dominate the Academy Awards this year for See No Evil 2.