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Did Kane do improper things to the corpse of Francesca Vick?

After years of PG-rated programming, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has returned to more risque storylines with a new necrophilia angle involving murdered trombone Francesca Vick.

During Sunday’s Royal Rumble event, a backstage vignette depicted Kane — or perhaps another wrestler disguised as Kane — approaching a Francesca’s casket at a funeral home.

WWE executive Hunter Hearst Helmsley then insinuated that, following Francesca’s untimely demise at the hands of Chris Jericho, she was defiled by sexually deviant Kane.

Kane has denied the accusations, insisting he’s “more of a tuba guy,” but the accusations have nonetheless sparked widespread criticism of WWE for going too far for shock value.

It is believed that the Francesca Vick angle will soon be abandoned — possibly with the explosion of Kane’s limousine.