Shockmaster WCW
The Shockmistress is scheduled to debut on WWE television, likely crashing through a cardboard wall.

According to backstage rumors, World Wrestling Entertainment’s creative team is preparing for the debut of a stormtrooper-inspired Diva to be known as The Shockmistress.

Initial sketches of the character obtained by Kayfabe News indicated that The Shockmistress will wear a bling-bedazzled stormtrooper helmet, though it’s unclear whether it will have chin straps to prevent it from falling off.

It is expected that Natalya will announce the Shockmistress as her mystery tag partner at an upcoming live event, with the promise that the newcomer will “shock the world.” The plan is for the Shockmistress to make a dramatic entrance by crashing through a wooden wall, ideally without tripping over the solid frame of the wall.

Sources within WWE report that the character will be portrayed by an over-the-hill female wrestler named Frieda Ockman, who is notoriously clumsy and prone to tripping.

This has caused concern among some WWE employees, given the character’s similarities to the ill-fated Shockmaster character of the early 1990s, but Vince McMahon reportedly thinks The Shockmistress gimmick is “pure gold.”