Did the old guy on the right make the young woman on the left pregnant? No. But eww.

After years of progressive programming that showcased women wrestlers legitimate competitors on their own merits, WWE has taken a U-turn by launching a dunderheaded storyline in which a flirty blonde gets knocked up, presumably by the geriatric father of her nemesis. 

This week on Raw, Lacey Evans announced to a horrified Charlotte Flair (and the world) that she was pregnant, with the strong suggestion that her ovum had been fertilized by the spermatozoa of Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair (real name Ricci Floorp). 

Some fans are confused as to why, after the many years of effort WWE expended promoting the Women’s Revolution, the company decided to veer so drastically into pubescent Attitude-Era numbskullery with an “I-had-sex-with-your-dad” storyline. 

“Bro,” explained Vince Russo, who was re-hired last week as WWE’s Head of Creative. “Bro.”

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