WWE app exclusive
The WWE App lets fans watch two-minute headlocks, armbars, and heels walking toward the locker room as if they’re quitting.

The WWE App, the official smartphone application of World Wrestling Entertainment, gives fans unprecedented access to exclusive footage of wrestlers killing time with loosely applied headlocks and other “rest holds” during commercial breaks.

Until the release of the App, fans could only speculate at what unfolded during commercial breaks on live WWE programming, but now the App allows them to see for themselves: practically nothing.

Raw typically goes to commercial break when a wrestler tumbles to the ringside floor — a remarkably consistent phenomenon, almost as if wrestlers are acting on cues from the referee (but that, of course, would be absurd, since it would imply that professional wrestling is somehow rigged).

The WWE App’s innovative “Second-Screen Experience” allows fans to watch as wrestlers lolligag while the referee hollers a slow ten-count, lock-up in a l0w-impact submission hold, or trash-talk to ringside fans.

Television viewers, on the other hand, must wait through the commercial breaks and then watch highlights of the “exclusive” App footage, proving that WWE doesn’t actually know what the word “exclusive” means.