WWE controversy
Journalism watchdog groups allege that WWE Magazine has questionable journalistic objectivity.

Controversy has struck World Wrestling Entertainment once again amid allegations that its flagship publication, WWE Magazine, has shoddy journalistic standards.

Although it professes to be an objective and balanced news source about sports entertainment, the magazine is believed to exhibit a strong bias toward WWE programming, at the expense of TNA, Ring of Honor and other organizations.

Furthermore, the articles within its pages seems to be skewed toward the profit motives of WWE, and focussed largely on selling merchandise, tickets and pay-per-views.

“Wrestling fans expect unbiased investigative journalism from WWE magazine, but instead they’re getting unbalanced puff pieces that merely regurgitate the ‘party line’ of the parent company,” says respected media critic Eldridge Huxley.

“Where are the stories about the plummeting values of WWE shares, or the shocking exposes of backstage corruption? Instead we’re getting fluff about wrestlers’ favourite video games or techniques for eating healthy on the road.”

In response to the allegations of journalistic malpractice, the editor-in-chief of WWE Magazine issued a press release that read: “We stand by our product, but if people want deep, meaningful investigative journalism about pro wrestling, they should look to Kayfabe News.”