A pair of SMCKDWN rookies hone their skills in hopes of NXT stardom.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today the impending launch of a “developmental” farm-league for NXT, to air on Thursday nights under the brand name SMCKDWN.

Rookie wrestlers who are not yet ready for the spotlight of NXT will hone their skills during the two-hour weekly SMCKDWN show, which has a substantially smaller audience and less-important storylines than the big leagues of NXT.

Current SMCKDWN signees include Heath Slater, Fandango, Curtis Axel, and a number of other superstars who have not yet developed the in-ring skills or charisma necessary to get “called up” to NXT.

WWE Chief Executive Officer Hunter Hearst Helmsley said in a press release that some SMCKDWN hopefuls “may be the NXT Superstars® of tomorrow, though some might only make it to Raw.”
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