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Shane McMahon says he “would remember” if he created a subterranean fight club. He says it “never happened.”

Fans of sports-entertainment may recall a short-lived WWE concept called “Raw Underground” — a kind of of lawless brawl in an undisclosed location organized by Shane McMahon — but those fans are “misremembering,” says WWE, because “that never happened.”

The company seems to be distancing itself from the ill-fated spinoff show, which vanished as quickly and unexpectedly as it arrived last year. 

“Raw Underground? Never heard of it, quite frankly,” said WWE mogul Vince McMahon on a conference call with investors. “And I think I would know about something like that, quite frankly.”

Even Shane McMahon, the sweaty matchmaker of Raw Underground, denies any involvement with such an endeavour. “I would never start my own underground fighting league,” said Shane. “My dad would be so pissed.”

All footage of Raw Underground has been removed from the WWE Network, and the company has filed legal documentation that, if upheld, would make it illegal for any wrestling fan to utter the words “Raw” and “Underground” in succession. 

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