wwe fastlane review
Last night’s pay-per-view is being lauded as the greatest edition of FastLane ever.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is trumpeting its own success following last night’s pay-per-view event, declaring on the company’s website that it was “the best WWE FastLane of all time.”

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is quoted on the website as saying that the event “was, quite frankly, unquestionably and without hyperbole the single greatest instalment of FastLane we have presented to the WWE Universe since the dawn of time.”

The event featured a botched finish (Goldust defeating Stardust with a roll-up), a disqualification (Bad News Barrett defeating Dean Ambrose) and a widely unpopular main-event result (Roman Reigns defeating Daniel Bryan).

It was, in the words of commentator Michael Cole, “vintage FastLane.”

Many fans, however, insisted on the contrary that it was the “worst FastLane ever,” which was equally true.

It is generally believed that next year’s FastLane will surpass this year’s as the greatest of all time, because how could it not?