wrestlemania tna
If you love TNA, you might enjoy seeing some of its cast-offs in “WrestleMania.”

Fans of professional wrestling are mildly interested in tonight’s WrestleMania event, the annual attempt by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to mimic TNA’s Bound For Glory extravaganza.

The wrestlers of WWE — including such TNA cast-offs Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, and the Dudley Boyz — will perform tonight for a small audience in a Dallas soundstage.

The event will feature a “Hell in a Cell” match (a rip-off of TNA’s Six Sides of Steel) and a battle royal (which, nonsensically, will feature wrestlers trying to throw each other out of a ring, rather than fighting to get inside it).

While WWE features a talented roster and has a small cadre of loyal fans, it has failed to make a dent in the sports-entertainment monopoly masterminded by TNA owner Dixie Carter.

Some fans are eager to see tonight’s match featuring The Undertaker, who is WWE’s version of Abyss.