wwe poll It’s unanimous! A recent poll conducted on the objective and unbiased WWE App confirms what most of us already knew: WWE programming has never been more captivating and compelling than it is right now.

According to a press release issued by WWE this morning, a full 100 percent of online poll respondents — of whom there were “more than nine billion” — said WWE is “better than it has ever been, ever.”

The poll — titled “Which Era of WWE is Greatest?” — yielded the following results:

  • Present-Day Era: 100 percent of votes
  • Attitude Era: 98 percent of votes
  • Hulkamania Era: 99 percent of votes
  • Bruno Sammartino’s 37-year Championship Era: 98 percent of votes
  • All Other Eras: 99 percent of votes

The poll also asked fans which aspects of WWE programming they love the most, which yielded answers including:

  • “WWE puts smiles on my face, and the faces of my family and friends!”
  • “I love that merchandise on WWEShop.com is both fashionable and affordable!”
  • “The banter between Renee Young, Michael Cole and Corey Graves is insightful and hilarious!”
  • “I love that there are biweekly pay-per-views — and I wish there were more!”
  • “As a historian, I enjoy that all WWE matches and events are historic!”

Some sports-entertainment journalists have alleged that the poll results may be exaggerated — or even fabricated — to put WWE in a more positive light than is actually warranted. But that would imply that WWE is inherently dishonest, which is too horrifying a possibility for us to even ponder.



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